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OHANA Birthday Project
Because family is all you need

could provide 5 flu vaccinations on a Ronald McDonald Care Mobile
($175.00 +)
could pay the electricity bill for one day at a Ronald McDonald House
($125.00 +)
could cover the cost to host a family for one night at a House
($80.00 +)
could help provide the daily gas to keep appliances like a kitchen stove working at a House
($60.00 +)
could fill a Ronald McDonald Family Room with snacks and drinks for families at the hospital
($50.00 +)
could save a family from eating in the hospital cafeteria
($25.00 +)

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*Currency shown: US Dollar

My Fundraising Goal:
Money Raised to Date:
(DISLCLAIMER: no pressure!) Support my group give for RMHC and I'll share more embarrassing childhood photos

On August 30, I'll be turning (the age of my initial donation/2) <-- you do the math. My dear friend Clare sparked this great idea with her birthday project.

A few months ago, while I sat in the hospital waiting room for my mom to complete a medical procedure, I overheard hospital staff talking to the family of a patient that was also undergoing a procedure. The family had driven about 2 hours from Santa Barbara (we were in LA) to the hospital. The patient was their infant, and the mom also couldn't intently wait for her child to come out of surgery -- she had to go across town to complete her own dialysis. My heart ached. The hospital staff talked to the family about Ronald McDonald House,where they could all stay so they didn't have to drive back to SB. I remember vowing I would donate. My mom's doctor came to see us at that moment, so my thoughts were interrupted, but I'm glad I was once again reminded of this great cause.

For my birthday this year,in lieu of gifts, help me help other families be together when they need each other the most. Because all you really want when you're sick is your loved ones around you.

In return, I will offer restaurant tips (or any other random questions you may have)! Please also don't feel obligated - no pressure at all. I plan to keep this going until I reach my goal :)
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